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jueves, 21 de marzo de 2013

First Listen : Los Momentos!

lunes, 18 de marzo de 2013

I Was A Fool

Then you blamed me and blocked me out
How long did you think I’d last?
Then you disappeared for weeks to pout
How many times could I pack?

But stand still is all I did
Love like ours is never fixed

Still I stuck around
I did behave
I saved you every time
I was a fool for love
I was a fool for love
I was a fool 

If you’re worried that I might've changed
Left behind all of my foolish ways
You best be looking for somebody else
Without a foolish heart, a foolish heart

But stand still is all we did
Love like ours is never fixed

jueves, 14 de marzo de 2013


Holding the puppet

Like many of us, we don't have any control when we start 
however, we control our choices where we end up.

"Stubborn Love"

                            I don't blame ya dear for running like you did, all these years
I would do the same, you best believe
The highway signs say we're close, but I don't read those things anymore
I never trusted my own eyes

When we were young oh oh, we did enough
When it got cold, ooh ooh we bundled up
I can't be told, ah ah, can't be done

So keep your head up, keep your love
Keep your head up, my love